New volcano erupts in Alaska

Okmok has company.

Mount Cleveland, a volcano in the Aleutian Islands about 90 miles west of still-simmering Okmok Caldera, erupted Monday, giving Alaska dueling volcanoes.

"Things are very hopping," research geophysicist Peter Cervelli of the Alaska Volcano Observatory said Monday afternoon. "We've been ramped up 24/7 for nine days because of Okmok, and to have Cleveland suddenly go off keeps us busy. I'm not sure I'd describe it as fun, but it's certainly exciting."

Cleveland's eruption was confirmed by mariners and pilots traveling near the volcano, observatory geologist Jennifer Adleman said.

There's no monitoring equipment on Chuginadak Island, an uninhabited island 150 miles southwest of Dutch Harbor and about 90 miles west of Umnak Island, where Okmok began to erupt July 12.

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