Bear brunch: moose hind quarter (with pictures)

Grizzly bears brunch.  More meal at
Grizzly bears brunch. More meal at Anchorage Daily News

PORTAGE — Their table manners wouldn't have impressed etiquette experts, but three grizzly bears entertained a crowd at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center by dining on a moose's hind quarter Sunday afternoon.

About a hundred people gathered to watch nature run wild -- in a controlled setting, of course.

The demonstration was a chance to show people the hierarchy that is part of brown-bear eating habits, said Mike Miller, the center's executive director.

It was also a chance to shine a light on the brown bears as the center attempts to raise money for a planned $6 million bear education center, which would be built near the 18-acre enclosure that is home to J.B., Petron and Hugo.

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