What's the harm in driving a bus? In this case, it was stolen

James Harris loves public buses so much, he stole one from a Miami-Dade depot last month and, wearing a genuine uniform, chauffeured unsuspecting fare-paying passengers around South Beach for hours, police and government officials said Thursday.

When Harris, 18, was arrested a few days later, he posted bail — and promptly stole a second bus.

''He's a real transit freak,'' said Derrick Gordon, assistant director for bus operations.

The transit fanboy got an official shirt, jacket and hat from two county bus drivers he had befriended, Gordon said. Both drivers have been suspended as the county moves to fire them. The hat was important — he wore it pulled down low and sported big sunglasses, Gordon said, theorizing that may have helped him amble past security guards at the depot.

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