Ricki Lake documentary spurring more home births

Marie Long took a page from Ricki Lake's book a few weeks ago, giving birth to her daughter Katelin at home, in a tub filled with water.

Actually, the Orangevale, Calif., mom was way ahead of the former talk-show host. All three of Long's children, including Hyrum, 4, and Elaina, 2, were delivered at home.

The vast majority of people still have their babies in hospitals. But thanks in part to the widely praised documentary, "The Business of Being Born," in which executive producer Lake is shown birthing her baby Owen in a tub in her home, that may be changing.

Released this year, the documentary portrays home birth as a less costly, more satisfying and healthful alternative to delivering babies in hospitals. Technology, the film suggests, has wrongly transformed childbirth from a natural process into an unnecessarily complicated medical procedure.

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