Disney World, employees square off over Florida gun law

TALLAHASSEE — Chip and Dale's boss wants to pack heat.

It's not that Susan Fiore's worried about her fur-suited Disney World workers — it's those outside the Orlando-area theme park who worry her.

Although a new law gives Floridians the peace of mind to carry a gun in their cars, Disney World, which bans employees from carrying weapons, said the law doesn't apply to it because the law exempts employers with a federal explosives permit — which Disney has for its massive, daily fireworks shows.

Disney's legal interpretation has put it squarely in the sights of gun-rights advocates who've demanded the Florida Attorney General's Office force the company to comply with the intent of the law.

"'Disney is not above the law," said Fiore, a 12-year Disney employee who oversees the animal-character cast members at Animal Kingdom. "Disney's the safest place on Earth. It's awesome. But late at night in the parking lot, and driving the 35 miles to and from home, I don't always feel safe armed with just a cellphone."

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