When rock haulers become a menace

You’re driving down the road, and suddenly a rock hauler speeds by in the next lane, pebbles and bits ricocheting across the roadway.

Who ya gonna call?

Two readers thought they should complain to the trucking company. Like smart members of The Watchdog Nation, they copied down identifying information from the truck.

Daniel Payne of Fort Worth said he saw a truck quickly weaving in and out of traffic, spewing rocks. He describes his chase for ID information as "an adventure of rocks and madness." He copied down the license plate, the vehicle ID number and the company name, Ledesma Trucking of Joshua.

The other driver, Renee Green of Azle, said, "I have been nearly run off the road" by Ledesma trucks twice. In one instance, she said, the truck ran a stop sign, and she had to drive off the road to avoid being hit.

Both tried to find the company to complain. Neither could.

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