Interest in organic food booms

Sheryn Abalos' lasagne is not only meatless, it is wheatless, cheeseless, even pasta-less. Heck, IT is not even cooked.

From her "cold" kitchen inside a funky art co-op, Abalos makes raw soups, salads, entrées like faux salmon, smoothies sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar, signature herbal drinks called MarTEAnis and, of course, desserts -- made of spelt flour (lighter than wheat).

"'I literally go to bed every night thinking about what I'm making the next day -- recipes, how to tweak them," says Abalos, 35, the self-described concept-menu developer and consultant for the new Art of Food Café in Miami which offers counter service and a few tables and chairs amid a profusion of art, clothing and antiques for sale.

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