Easy availability of herbal sex stimulants prompts backlash

RALEIGH — Stop by most corner markets in Southeast Raleigh and there, alongside the Slim Jims, hangs a package of pills that neighbors either buy like bubble gum or hate like sin.

Stamina-Rx. Vim-25. Rize 2 The Occasion pills. Red, blue or purple, they promise exotic herbal remedies for boosting male sex potency — for $3 a pack on the cheap end.

"I've tried it before, but it gave me a headache," said Sam Elgani, cashier at Zack's Grocery Mart on New Bern Avenue. "People buy it. Get drunk and get busy."

The market has exploded with these over-the-counter sex stimulants — not just in Southeast Raleigh, but also in convenience stores from Cary to Durham.

But the backlash is especially strong in the neighborhoods just east of downtown Raleigh, where leaders believe these drugs add to already rampant prostitution. They want them off the shelves.

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