Just how thirsty are you? This beer costs $400

FORT WORTH — Handed the world's most expensive beer, which had been flown in from Denmark, Jamie Fulton laughed nervously.

The Fort Worth brewer was clearly fearful of letting the slim dark green bottle slip from his grasp and shatter on the floor of his restaurant-brewery, The Covey.

"I'm scared about opening it," said Fulton, gingerly holding the bottle as he unwound the small wire cage and unworked the champagne-style cork, letting Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 emit a very tiny pop.

Vintage No. 1, which costs $400 for all of 13.2 ounces, cannot be purchased in the United States or anywhere outside Copenhagen, where it was made at the small, experimental Jacobsen Brewhouse of the mammoth Danish producer Carlsberg. Just 600 bottles were produced, each with an original lithograph label depicting the fables of Sif, wife of the Nordic god Thor.

"The project started as a wild idea and a wish to create a new type of beer that had never been seen before," Jens Eiken, Jacobsen's head brewer, said during a transatlantic call. Friends, accustomed to relatively thin-flavored, pilsener-style beers, asked whether this dark, robust beverage really was beer. Other inquired: "Why are doing you this? Why so expensive?"

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