Hallmark looks to give Dad a better image for Father's Day

Buying into corporate America's depiction of men, and dads in particular, one would be pretty sure they're mostly lazy, dense dimwits with whom only Homer Simpson could bond.

Clearly, at least as portrayed in many TV ads, most dads wouldn't be loved, or even liked, by their wives or kids — except when they want a withdrawal from his wallet.

But some marketers are starting to see the light. Take Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards Inc., which after talking to real people has expanded its selection of Father's Day cards depicting dads in more loving and appreciated ways.

One new card shows a dad bending over, tying his son's shoe while he leans on dad for support. "A man is loved not for how tall he stands, but for how often he bends to help, comfort, and teach."

Hallmark isn't losing its sense of humor, and retains cards like the one with an elephant nudging his young calf: "Nobody can give you love and straighten your lazy butt out at the same time like Dad."

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