Bush defends Iraq war before troops at Fort Bragg (video)

FORT BRAGG — President Bush offered a rousing defense of the war in Iraq today, telling soldiers at Fort Bragg that early withdrawal would "jeopardize the safety of future generations."

Speaking at the annual All-American Week celebration, Bush praised the 82nd Airborne Division as "America's guard of honor" and credited its soldiers for successfully leading a surge of troops in Iraq. "Because of your bravery and determination, the terrorists and extremists are on the run, and we are on our way to victory," he said.

Bush acknowledged disagreements over U.S. involvement in Iraq but said the war was worth the costs. "The enemy has made it clear that Iraq is the central battleground of the great ideological struggle of our times," he said.

He warned against those who would pull out before the job, as he sees it, is done. Though he called no names, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has advocated an end to the war in Iraq.

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