Retailers seeking ways to shorten those growing receipts

The receipt was once a short, simple tally of purchases. But in recent years, the humble slip of paper has grown. And grown. And grown.

Now, in the face of customer concerns, major retailers such as Lowe's, Family Dollar and Target are reining in the length of their receipts, which can stretch to 2 feet or more.

As businesses increasingly consider their impact on the environment, and try to weather an economic downturn, shorter receipts can help save paper — and money.

Lowe's, the nation's second-largest home improvement retailer, began looking to shorten its receipts several months ago after receiving complaints from customers, primarily in California and Canada, spokeswoman Chris Ahearn said. Slips of 24 inches or more aren't uncommon, and some shoppers found them inconvenient and wasteful, she said.

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