Ethics questions raised by Kansas D.A.'s speaking solicitations

A private, anti-abortion Web site is soliciting donations and speaking engagements for a local Kansas district attorney, even as he pursues criminal charges against a Kansas abortion provider.

The Web site,, was established by Jennifer Giroux, a nationally known anti-abortion and Christian activist from Ohio. It features pictures of Johnson County Distrcit Attorney Phil Kline’s family, his biography and audio excerpts of an address about abortion, as well as appeals for money and a solicitation to “book a speech” by Kline.

Five legal experts who viewed the Web site say the site’s solicitation of donations — while Kline pursues more than 100 criminal charges against Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri — may constitute an improper conflict of interest.

It is not clear if Kline directly receives any donations made through the Web site. Nor is it clear how much money, if any, he has received from speeches he has given in churches or to anti-abortion groups, including those booked through

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