For Fla. woman in 38-year coma, care stays in the family

MIAMI — The room is the same as it has always been.

There is the cabinet stocked with insulin and syringes, the narrow twin bed that never offered a full night's sleep. The shelves, home to a galaxy of porcelain angels, the walls filled with images of peaceful Madonnas.

And in the middle of the room is Edwarda O'Bara, her braids long ago turned gray, in the same place she has lain since slipping into a coma nearly four decades ago.

But the woman who now cares for Edwarda has changed. This is the first Mother's Day the comatose woman, now 55, will be without her mother. Kaye O'Bara, who became well known for her pledge to never leave her then-teenage daughter, died a few weeks ago.

Now it's Colleen O'Bara, the other O'Bara girl, who has taken it upon herself to fulfill her mother's promise.

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