3 wives and counting for N. Carolina man jailed for bigamy

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two days after a Clayton, N.C., man was charged with being married to two women at once, a third woman came forward to say that she, too, is married to him. There may be more, one of the women said Thursday.

Keron Lamont Wilkins, 30, was jailed this week after police charged him with one felony count of bigamy. Police accused Wilkins of marrying Shannetta Dawn Stone, 32, of Richmond, Va., on March 20 while he was married to Chaka Khan Miles Wilkins, his wife of eight years and the mother of his children, ages 4 and 8 months.

On Thursday, Jenean Baker, 34, of Atlanta, said she and Wilkins wed Nov. 25, 2005, in Miami. Baker said that Wilkins had her name tattooed on his chest and that she has his name tattooed across her back inside two hearts with a lock holding them together. Photos of their wedding show Wilkins wearing the same royal blue shirt and matching blue necktie with gold triangles that he wore when he married Baker and again when he married Stone.

Stone thinks Wilkins may be married to three more women living in Virginia and one more in Arizona. "Three more called me today," she said Thursday.

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