A year later, family still hopes for missing K.C. teen

Rhonda Beckford still pays the bill for her daughter’s cell phone, but Kara Kopetsky has not answered that phone for a year now.

Undeterred, Beckford puts the $49.57 on her debit card each month. She even dialed the number about a month ago. Just in case. As with countless other calls over the past year, it rolled into Kara’s voice mail.

In that sense, nothing has changed since Kara vanished that Friday — May 4, 2007. Security cameras captured her in Belton High School, heading for an exit. That was the last she was seen, as far as anybody knows. Police have no better idea of her whereabouts today than the day they got the call. Tips and sightings come in and are investigated, they say, but don’t lead anywhere. In that sense, too, nothing has changed.

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