Horrors! Calif.'s Schwarzenegger faces longer commute

SACRAMENTO — If Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger loses precious access to the neighborhood Santa Monica Airport he uses to fly to Sacramento, he can thank his own brother-in-law, Bobby Shriver.

The Republican governor commutes almost daily from his Los Angeles-area home, often using Santa Monica Airport, but the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously in March to ban large private jets from using its airport for fear that planes like Schwarzenegger's Gulfstream IV could crash into neighboring homes if they overshoot the 4,987-foot runway. Shriver is on the council.

The ban is on hold after the Federal Aviation Administration obtained a temporary restraining order on Monday, but if a federal judge lifts that order May 15, Schwarzennegger will have to use Van Nuys Airport, a 14-mile drive through often congested traffic.

Shriver said he hasn't heard from Schwarzenegger, but that plenty of other well-heeled residents have complained. He's not sympathetic: "You know, get in the back of your limo and make your calls."

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