Kansas town destroyed by tornado looks to "green" future

GREENSBURG, Kan — ou can’t be in this town a couple of minutes without hearing the three words "before the tornado." People can’t talk much about where they’ve been or where they want to go without first saying them.

But this weekend, as Greensburg marks the one-year anniversary of that deadly Friday night storm that leveled the entire town, people want to emphasize three other words, "since the tornado."

Since the tornado, residents and thousands of volunteers have hauled away the debris. Folks who decided to stick it out and stay in Greensburg settled their kids into school, a campus of trailers, and started building new homes. Some are already living in them. And since the tornado, the town, led by a young and determined city administrator, has declared in a big way it will rebuild as the nation’s first “green” town. Visitors and residents will see and hear a lot about that during this weekend’s anniversary activities, which start Friday.

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