Confederate regalia an issue in N.C. governor race

In a new radio ad launched by State Treasurer Richard Moore on urban radio stations, two guys in a barbershop chat about Confederate hats, beer koozies and Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, Moore's chief rival for the Democratic nomination for governor.

"Have you heard about that old Confederate junk she's selling in them stores she owns?" one man asks when the talk turns to the race for governor. The ad echoes an attack made by Moore's campaign manager at a news conference last week.

Perdue has said that her husband has an interest in Georgia convenience stores that sell the items and that she has no involvement in the stores. Corporation records in Georgia show that as late as February 2007, Perdue was listed as a secretary in the corporation.

It's the merchandise, and a vote Perdue entered against a bill to help the state investigate hate groups that the actors in the ad and Moore say means voters should think twice about Perdue. Perdue says the vote, 20 years ago, was a mistake and is contrary to a long record of voting in favor of minority issues.

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