In K.C., foreclosed homes can be houses of horror

For all the misery of the mortgage crisis, with its foreclosures and evictions and interrupted lives, it’s a good time to be a locksmith. Almost all the locks Brent Fasse changes these days are on foreclosed homes.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Greg Fasse, Brent’s father and owner of Greg’s Lock & Key Service in Independence, Mo. “We’ve never been this busy before.”

Still, the job can have its downsides. Although the occupants were evicted days or weeks earlier, sometimes they return. Sometimes vagrants have taken up residence. Once busy homes are filled with the darkness of turned-off electricity and overwhelming odors: spoiled food, mold, urine and feces. Once Brent Fasse opened a door to the sound of rushing water — never a good sign, he says. From the front door he could see a waterfall pouring through a bathtub-sized hole in the ceiling. Through a hole in the living room floor he could see the bathtub, in the basement.

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