Love mystery? Try Anchorage airfare

It costs more to fly to and from Anchorage than any other major city in the country, but figuring out why can be as hopeless as squeezing a Sumo wrestler into a middle seat.

"The first thing to remember," said Harry Gregson, a travel agency owner since 1976, "is nothing makes sense about airfare prices. There is no rhyme or reason to them."

For years, he noted, it didn't cost a whole lot more to fly from here to Boston than it did to fly from here to Seattle, even though there's an entire continent separating the two destinations. And it typically costs less to fly from here to Seattle than it does to fly to Juneau.

Gregson, the owner of Easy Travel, said fares often have as much to do with competition and what the market will bear as they do with the actual cost of fueling and flying a jumbo jet.

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