As Earth Day approaches, some wonder if their efforts help

In so many ways, Mark and Laura Hambrecht are exactly the kind of couple that “eco-friendly” marketers long to lure. They’re young. They’re smart. And like so many in their 20-something generation, they’re “green.”

Yet recently, a few days before Earth Day, the Kansas City couple stood at the center of a midtown market, surrounded by scads of new environmentally friendly products, from Lipton’s organic green tea to a “biodegradable degreaser” by Power X. The Hambrechts were buying none of it. "It’s still all coming from the same companies that poison the environment,” Mark Hambrecht said.

Thirty-eight years after U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin kicked off the first Earth Day in the United States, the nation’s desire and effort to save Mother Earth has never been greater. Yet among some people it has also created an unintended backlash, what some term “green fatigue.”

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