Affidavit recounts sex and abuse at sect's Texas ranch

ELDORADO, Texas — The 16-year-old girl whose allegations triggered the massive raid against a polygamist compound gave a harrowing account of life inside the secretive outpost, where she was forced to have sex and was beaten regularly, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Life behind the gates of the YFZ Ranch, built by now-jailed sect leader Warren Jeffs, was one where young girls were forced to marry and have babies as soon as they reached puberty. The girl, whom authorities still haven't found, said the man she "spiritually married" would "beat and hurt her" whenever he got angry.

The affidavit, part of a slew of documents released by the state, gives a horrifying glimpse inside a male-dominated culture where 13- and 14-year-old girls were forced to have sex with their arranged husbands.

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