Neighbors in Wash. can't believe ex-stripper is murderer

Neighbors said they are baffled that an Alaska judge sentenced Mechelle Linehan to 99 years for a murder they have no doubt she didn’t commit.

There’s no way the friendly, honest woman they knew could be capable of murder. “I’m completely baffled,” said Kevin Shamel, who became good friends with Linehan and her husband, Colin, when he moved across the street from them two years ago. “I don’t understand how it could turn out the way it did.”

Linehan was a former stripper in Alaska who started a new life upon moving to Olympia and marrying a respected doctor. She was convicted of conspiring with a boyfriend to kill a man in 1996 for a $1 million life insurance payout. The victim, Kent Leppink, had removed Linehan as the beneficiary days before his death.

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