Al Qaida terror case goes to Miami jury — again

Having already sparred over the same evidence during the first trial last year, the prosecution and defense each made sharper arguments in the retrial of a Miami group accused of plotting with al Qaida to overthrow the United States.

But when the 12 federal jurors begin deliberating the terror case on Monday, they face the same struggle that beset the previous jury in December, when the jury deadlocked on the terror-conspiracy charges against the six defendants and acquitted a seventh after nine days of deliberations.

Jeffrey Agron, the jury foreman in the first trial and a lawyer who heads a Jewish school in a Miami suburb, said the second jury will grapple with the same competing theories:Did the group intend to join with al Qaida in a plot to blow up FBI buildings and Chicago's Sears Tower? Or were the six men trying to con money out of an FBI informant posing as an al Qaida operative who set them up?

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