Miami to dim lights March 29 for global Earth Hour

On Saturday, March 29, at precisely 8 p.m., much of the glittering skyline of downtown Miami will go dark — at least darker than normal — for an hour.

Miami has signed on with dozens of cities around the world taking part in Earth Hour, an event to raise awareness about energy conservation and global warming.

If all goes as planned, the cities, along with tens of thousands of businesses, schools and individuals, will turn off nonessential lights in a wave rolling west across time zones from Christchurch, New Zealand, to Honolulu. In Chicago, the Sears Tower and Soldier Field will dim. In San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge will lose its glow. In Miami, the shining Bank of America building — a signature skyscraper often bathed in colorful floodlights — will blink off.

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