Clinton seeks delay in next step of Texas caucuses

As Texans prepare to finish the "Texas two-step," Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign is seeking to slow the dance.

Her campaign has sent a letter to state Democratic leaders asking that the March 29 conventions at the senatorial district or county level — the next step in the state's hybrid of a primary election and caucus — be delayed until signatures from the conventions held March 4 can be verified.

Thousands of delegates and alternates are scheduled to attend the March 29 conventions. The candidate with the most delegates will have an advantage at the Democratic Party's state convention in June and could send more Texas delegates to the party's national convention in August. As volunteers and staffers for Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are preparing for a new campaign reminding delegates to attend the convention, Clinton's campaign says it wants to address more than 2,000 complaints of violations from the caucuses held after the polls closed March 4.

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