Big-game hunt in Alaska nets Washington man year in jail

The second of two Washington state men accused of a wildlife poaching tour that left carcasses across Alaska pleaded guilty Wednesday to five criminal counts that will net him a year in prison.

Joseph Querin, 54, was initially charged with 21 game violations stemming from the 2006 hunt that he illegally planned and guided for his friend, Carson Kemmer, 25, according to prosecutors. The two men were accused of illegally killing, then wasting, the meat of two Dall sheep, a moose, a brown bear and a caribou during a trip to Alaska between late August and early September 2006.

Shortly afterward, wildlife investigators, following up on a tip from their Washington state counterparts, discovered that Querin, an Ocean Park, Wash., resident, had illegally purchased an Alaska resident hunting license and big-game tags, while Kemmer had no Alaska license or tags at all. Prosecutors say Kemmer was the trigger man for most of the kills, shooting four of the five animals. Querin killed one animal.

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