Price of love: "Sweatheart scams" cost 3 men $500,000

Ruby Miller followed a man home to return a dollar he dropped at a store, then went on to steal nearly $150,000 from his savings, sell his home, pocket $260,000 in proceeds and leave the 90-year-old in a care home, police say.

Sacramento police arrested Miller and her husband Thursday and say the case is the third in a series of "sweetheart scams" perpetrated by a related group of three psychic advisers and a bounty hunter. The losses to the three elderly men total more than $500,000, and police say the women lied to befriend and defraud the men of Louis Vuitton purses, cash and a teacup Yorkshire terrier.

Detective Sheila Bergquist said the suspects came to investigators' attention in November when one man's daughter reported that a woman had moved into his home and started spending his money.

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