Judiciary chairman seeks information on FBI email investigation


Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked the FBI Friday to explain if it’s investigation into newly discovered emails will include whether Hillary Clinton tried to conceal evidence once she left the State Department.

In a letter to FBI Director James Comey, Grassley asked for details about the search warrant the the FBI obtained related to newly discovered emails on Clinton's private server that were discovered on former Rep. Anthony Weiner's computer. Grassley asks for a response by Nov. 17.

“Now, according to news reports, the FBI has finally obtained access to emails pertinent to this matter through a search warrant rather than through the consent of those being investigated,” Grassley wrote. “However, it is unclear whether the scope of the email review now being done will be similarly limited to only the timeframe when Secretary Clinton was at the State Department. Obviously, any potential evidence of intent to conceal information from investigators would have been created during the investigations, which occurred after the she left office, not before.”

Grassley has previously questioned the limited scope of searches conducted on other Clinton aides’ computers and the limited inquiry into just classified information, which excluded the intentional alienation of federal records, subverting the Freedom of Information Act process, and obstruction of Congress.

Comey created an uproar with a letter to Congress saying the agency was launching another investigation into Clinton’s personal email server just 11 days before the presidential election.