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Former Columbus police officer says he robbed bank to 'manipulate' the system

Former Columbus police officer Edward Pascucci had been jobless for more than a year and was facing homelessness last summer when he decided to rob a local bank. Making off with stacks of cash, however, was never his intention.

Pascucci told a federal judge this morning he'd run out of options, was facing "severe health problems" and opted to avail himself of the services offered by the federal penal system rather than live on the street.

"I didn't want to be homeless," said Pascucci, addressing U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land in a clear and confident voice. "I should not have manipulated the justice system, but I couldn't think of any other way to get help."

In keeping with the terms of a plea agreement, Land sentenced Pascucci to five years and three months behind bars followed by three years supervised release. He'll be given credit for time served awaiting sentencing.

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