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Miami con man: I fleeced family, others of $800,000

Michael Scott Segal — the Miami-based con artist who did prison time for stuffing his still-breathing mistress into the trunk of a car, which he planned to dump in a lake — appears destined for another extended stay behind bars.

Segal recently pleaded guilty to federal mail and wire fraud charges, fessing up to using his bogus import business to fleece investors of more than $800,000. Segal, 51, faces up to 20 years in prison on each of the two counts, although his plea deal could mean a reduced sentence when a judge decides his fate on Feb. 29.

But Channa Antebi, Segal’s mother-in-law, hopes he gets the maximum. She has no sympathy for the man who admits he stole nearly half a million dollars from her family.

“It upsets me very much,” Antebi said, when asked about possible leniency for Segal, who is married to her daughter, Adit.. “At this point, I’d rather have him rot in jail because money back from him I will never receive.”

Antebi’s husband, Mordechai, trusted Segal to invest more than $220,000 of their life savings in his company, Bright Jewel Holdings. But that’s nearly all gone now, used to finance Segal’s extravagant lifestyle.

Channa Antebi, now living with her husband in Southern California near one of their two sons, a doctor who also lost big money with Segal, now works in a beauty salon to make ends meet. The Antebis, formerly of Hollywood, are in their 60s and estranged from their daughter.

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