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Lisa Irwin's parents ask for vigils outside home to end

The family of a missing Northland infant has asked that vigils discontinue in front of their home on North Lister Avenue.

People praying there for Lisa Irwin were told Tuesday that they no longer were welcome to gather in front the residence. John Picerno, an attorney for Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, said the family will continue private vigils.

Edith Fine-Duskin, the leader of the group called Lisa’s Angels, said she did not understand why the family no longer wanted vigils, which have been held in front their home since Lisa disappeared on Oct. 4.

“It hurts because it is like she (Deborah Bradley) is pushing us all away,” Fine-Duskin said.

A family member told Fine-Duskin that the parents wanted to return to a sense of normalcy, and the vigils were troubling to Lisa’s half-brothers.

“This would be one day a week and you would think she would want us out there,” she said. “I still believe Lisa is alive; I don’t know where she is.”

Fine-Duskin said she would look for another location to hold vigils and the group would continue looking for Lisa, who was 10 months old when her parents reported her missing. The group has conducted searches and distributed fliers seeking information about her disappearance.

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