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Love, murder and a suicide run for Cuba

HOUSTON — The phone rang just before 6 p.m., as Yodanis Cruz Rojas and a co-worker were locking up the Smiley Dental office in a strip mall in southwestern Houston. It was the father of her two youngest daughters, Noel Sosa Ruiz, who’d been calling all day, trying to win her back.

Two weeks earlier, she’d packed up her three daughters and moved out while he was on an errand in Central Florida, picking up a van.

Cruz, a 29-year-old Cuban immigrant with curly brown hair, had taken him back before, but had vowed to hold her ground this time. She told friends she was “on top of the world” about their separation.

“I’d rather be dead than get back together with you,” Brenda Galindo, her coworker, overheard Cruz tell Sosa on the phone.

Moments later, Sosa, a 41-year-old stocky private security guard, swung open the glass door of the cheery children’s dental office, walked to the front counter and, without saying a word, fired three shots at Cruz.Read the full story at