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Charges added in Alaska's Ketchikan porn case

One of Ketchikan's most prominent political leaders, already accused of possessing child pornography, now finds himself charged with 80 additional counts including one involving a homemade video featuring himself unclothed with a young girl, according to police.

John W. "Jack" Shay, 80, now is accused of 90 counts of possessing child pornography. He turned himself in to the Ketchikan jail Thursday afternoon.

Shay served as both city and Ketchikan Gateway Borough mayor, as well as on the school board, the city council and the borough Assembly. He worked more than 13 years for the state Department of Labor, including 3 1/2 years in the mid-1980s as a division director. On Monday, after the initial round of charges, he resigned his current elected position, a seat on the Ketchikan City Council.

Almost all of the new charges involve photos printed off the Internet and stored in boxes in his home office, said deputy police chief Josh Dossett. Some of the images involve adults attempting sex acts with infants and toddlers, according to the charges. In at least one, a little girl is duct-taped. Some photos were of young boys.

Police began investigating Shay on Nov. 4 after he brought his laptop to a Ketchikan computer shop for repair. He had been having trouble printing. The shop discovered that the items lined up in his printing queue were of child pornography, police have said. Police seized his laptop and printer and got search warrants for his home and home computer. They found the boxed photos during the search, Dossett said.

They also seized hundreds of videos including home movies but have only gone through only a small portion so far, Dossett said. Many of the home movies were the Hi8 format; some were VHS.

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