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Fresno police launch inquiry into racy photos

FRESNO, Calif. -- The city of Fresno has launched an investigation to determine whether three uniformed police officers and a few firefighters crossed the line when they posed with bikini-clad models at a car show.

In one photo, two young women are sitting on a firefighter's lap while several models pose next to a firetruck. In another photo, three Fresno police officers stand next to a woman in a bikini in front of a patrol car.

City Manager Mark Scott said: "If these photos are real, it would involve a clear violation of Fresno's Public Safety agencies' ethical and professional standards, and we will deal with them through our existing personnel practices."

Scott also said the city would have no further comment until the investigation is completed.

The photographs were posted on before they were taken down Friday at the request of Police Chief Jerry Dyer and fire officials, said Sal Hernandez, the photographer who snapped the controversial pictures.

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