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Dugard's statement to Garridos: 'Everything you have ever done to me is wrong'

In a searing court session this morning, Phillip and Nancy Garrido were sentenced to prison for the kidnap of Jaycee Lee Dugard after her mother and others berated the couple for their crimes.

In the nearly two hours it took to recite the criminal behavior, Phillip Garrido showed absolutely no emotion and looked downward the entire time Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, addressed him.

Dugard had been expected to speak but instead chose to have her mother read a statement saying she never wanted to see the Garridos again or waste another breath thinking of them.

El Dorado Superior Court Judge Douglas Phinister sentenced Phillip Garrido to 431 years to life and Nancy Garrido to 36 years to life.

He refused a request that the defendants be allowed one more meeting before they were shipped off to prison, and he sternly refused to allow Nancy Garrido to stay in the courtroom while her 60-year-old husband was sentenced.

She was escorted out with one quick glance at her husband, and then the judge turned his attentions to Phillip Garrido.

"This court has imposed tens of thousands of sentences in criminal cases," he told Garrido. "You fall into a special category in this court. ...

"This it probably the third case where I've sentenced someone where I am of the view that you lack a soul. What you did to this child is beyond horrible."

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