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Theft of copper, other recyclables rising

Cedric Spain came before the Horry County Council on March 15 "very heavy-hearted" and told of family heirlooms that were stolen off his mother's property on March 7, less than one week after her funeral.

Items taken from the property included cast-iron sinks and tubs, antique bicycles, an antique plow and other pieces of scrap metal, Spain said.

"When we got word, we called around to several family members, because we thought somebody had to have seen somebody," he said.

family member did see something. The relative called around to area salvage yards and learned the antiques had been crushed.

Unfortunately, Spain's story is not a new one and represents a continuing problem.

Because of his emotional plea, the Horry County Public Safety Office and the county attorney said they will look into possible options to regulate when salvage and scrap metal yards destroy materials sold to them.

Spain, an Horry County resident, asked the council to draft a resolution requiring scrap metal and salvage yards to photograph all items brought in and put them into a database that law enforcement could access.

He said his request is similar to what pawnbrokers are already required to do.

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