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Acquitted Liberty City Seven terror defendant deported to Haiti

Lyglenson Lemorin, acquitted of all charges in the Liberty City Seven terrorism trial three years ago, was deported to Haiti early Thursday along with 26 Haitian nationals with criminal records in the United States.

After a one-year moratorium on deportations to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, U.S. immigration officials resumed the removals on Thursday. Lemorin was included in the first group to be deported, immigration officials said.

Lemorin's liberty isn't the only issue at stake. He is leaving behind his wife and their three children, who live in North Miami Beach.

``It's absolutely devastating to me and our children,'' said Charlene Mingo Lemorin, 31, a hairdresser who undergoes kidney dialysis. ``I'm really confused and hurt because I don't have my husband, but I'm more terrified about his safety over there.''

Haitian-born Lemorin, 35, who grew up in Miami, is a legal U.S. resident with no criminal history. He had been jailed by immigration authorities in Georgia, Florida and Louisiana -- despite his acquittal -- because the federal government still considered him a threat to national security.

He fought his removal by the Department of Homeland Security, and his final appeal to a federal appellate court in Atlanta is still pending.

But in the meantime, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has the authority to deport him.

``This is a worst-case scenario coming true,'' said Atlanta immigration lawyer Charles Kuck, who has represented Lemorin almost since his acquittal on terrorism-conspiracy charges in the so-called Liberty Seven case in December 2007.

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