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Police confirm prosthetic leg is missing girl Zahra Baker's

A prosthetic leg found last week in rural Caldwell County belonged to a 10-year-old Hickory girl who has been missing for three weeks and is presumed dead, police confirmed today.

Police got the serial number from the leg by using a special scanner to read a transponder implanted inside. That number was matched to medical records from Australia, where Zahra Baker was born and lived until last year.

Zahra, who was hearing impaired, used the prosthetic leg since her lower left leg was amputated several years ago due to bone cancer.

On Monday, authorities also returned to the Baker's Hickory home, where they've been searching since early last week, to continue combing the house and yard for possible evidence. A police official said they would wrap up their search at the house this afternoon.

The search for Zahra has drawn international attention and taken search crews to several houses where the family has lived, and also to a Caldwell County landfill and Burke County site used to mulch trees.

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