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Shackled boy trial opens in Sacramento

The pictures show what looks to be a happy home, with Christmas wreaths adorning the front door, green garland wound around the banister and baby pictures covering the walls.

There's even a family portrait proudly displayed on the brick above the fireplace.

And then there are the pictures that show a gruesome tale of torture: A swollen, black-and-blue ankle with a chain still wrapped around it. Terrible wounds, some old and scarred, others new and oozing pus. A skeletal, soot-covered teenage boy, hugging his knobby knees to his chest on a hospital bed as the police, paramedics and doctors around him tried to make sense of it all.

Dozens of a crime scene investigator's photos flashed before a San Joaquin County jury Wednesday as prosecutors began their case against Anthony Vincent Waiters, the fourth defendant in the notorious torture case of a teenage boy known publicly as Kyle Doe.

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