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Fort Worth policeman suspended after car crash investigation

FORT WORTH -- A Fort Worth police officer arrested in May for public intoxication after his vehicle was found wrecked and abandoned on railroad tracks was suspended from the department for three days.

Evan Wincovitch had admitted to internal investigators that, while off duty, he drank about 71/2 alcoholic beverages, including a shot of liquor, over almost six hours before crashing in north Fort Worth on May 29.

"Officer Wincovitch got out of his truck and looked around; he didn't know where he was or how he had gotten there," stated a disciplinary letter signed by Police Chief Jeff Halstead and filed Oct. 12 with the Civil Service Commission. "Officer Wincovitch could not recall all the details and attributed it to probably being a combination of his head injury and intoxication."

Wincovitch was arrested that morning by Saginaw police for public intoxication after being spotted walking in a parking lot.

He pleaded no contest to the Class C misdemeanor July 8 in Saginaw Municipal Court and was given 30 days' deferred disposition. The case was dismissed Aug. 10 after he paid the ticket and completed the sentence without new violations, Saginaw Municipal Judge Donna Mahaffey said.

Wincovitch's attorney, Craig Driskell with the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, said his client did not appeal the decision and served the suspension last week.

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