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Explosives found in Charlotte home, teens arrested

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police continue to look Wednesday morning for the mother of two teens who are accused by authorities of working with the same chemical compound used by "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid.

Meanwhile, inspectors returned shortly after daybreak Wednesday to the Mount Holly Road home where dozens of local, state and federal agents searched Monday and Tuesday for the source of an explosive thought to have been used in a pen that detonated in a student's hand at a north Charlotte school.

Three firefighters suffered minor injuries Monday while investigating materials found at the house, in northwest Charlotte.

Police are searching today for Tracy Bauguess, who faces charges of malicious injury by use of an explosive device, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

Her 16-year-old son, Jesse Bauguess, is jailed under $500,000 bond and faces numerous charges. Also arrested in Tracy Bauguess' 15-year-old son, whose name has not been released.

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