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Search of inmate turns up cell phone: Guess where it was

RALEIGH — State correction officials have charged an inmate with trying to sneak a cell phone into Central Prison by hiding it in his rectum, court records show.

Eric Chambers, 25, of Raleigh, was convicted in 2008 of being a habitual felon and sentenced to 10 years in prison, state records show. Described in court affidavits as a "validated Gangster Killer Blood," Chambers has managed to rack up about 16 prison infractions during the past two years. The infractions — four in this month alone — include involvement with a gang, unauthorized use of a phone, a weapon charge and extortion, state records show.

It was a short investigation. Chambers immediately set off the metal detectors at Central Prison. In response, he handed over a flattened piece of metal from his mouth.

But when the metal detectors chimed a second time, he was more thoroughly searched and found to have a red and silver Samsung "flip-style" cell phone hidden inside his rectum.

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