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Man arrested over nude pictures posted to ex-wife's Facebook account

Police in Washington state arrested a man Thursday on suspicion of felony computer trespass and stalking after he allegedly hacked his ex-wife's Facebook account and posted nude pictures of her on the online social network, where her friends and relatives could see them.

Donald Ray Childress, 45, was being held without bail Friday at the Thurston County Jail. Before his arrest on the latest charges, Childress was about to begin a four-month jail sentence for selling 50 OxyContin pills to an informant for $2,500.

Childress also was being held on suspicion of first-degree theft for allegedly stealing up to $14,000 from his former employers at the Nisqually Rez Mart, court papers state.

According to court papers:

Childress' ex-wife told Lacey police Sunday that since their divorce became final, Childress had "been hacking her computer and sending her threatening and harassing text messages."

She said that on Sept. 11, Childress hacked her Facebook account.

"He changed her log on and password so she would not be able to access it. Childress then posted comments about her, and some naked photos of her from when they were married. (She) said some friends and relatives told her of the postings when they looked at her Facebook page."

She said Childress also had called her employer, saying she uses drugs. She said she immediately volunteered for a drug screen at work, and the results came back negative.

She also said she believes Childress had been tracking her movements using a global positioning system. Childress later admitted to buying a GPS but said it was for his 18-year-old daughter. He said he knew of places where his ex-wife was staying because "a close friend" had told him.

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