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Police: Fake doctor's promise of 'perfect' butt put woman in hospital

A woman's nightmare began after Ana Josefa Sevilla, saying she was a doctor, promised her she would make her butt look "perfect."

But police say Sevilla was no doctor and that her botched butt augmentation had serious consequences — the victim had to be hospitalized for two weeks and could have lost her leg.

Miami police arrested Sevilla, 54, on charges of practicing or attempting to practice medicine without a license and unlicensed practice of a health care profession.

Police say Sevilla met the woman last year in the parking lot of a health spa. The woman told Sevilla she wasn't happy with how she looked. Sevilla had this promise: "I can fix it," the police report said.

She gave the woman a flyer about buttocks augmentation using injections.

Sevilla said she was a licensed doctor working for a health spa and that she had moved from Los Angeles to work in Miami.

Sevilla and the woman met two more times. At one point, Sevilla was wearing a "doctor's uniform," the report said.

The woman paid $1,100 for the procedure and set a date to come back.

From the start, the procedure went awry, police said.

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