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Kansas City woman drags nude neighbor outside by his beard

A 64-year-old woman fought off a neighbor and dragged him out of her house by his beard after he let himself into her Kansas City home and took his clothes off.

The woman said she awoke about 12:50 a.m. Tuesday to find her neighbor standing over her naked, according to court records. He allegedly grabbed her arm and said he was “just being friendly.” The woman grabbed his beard and dragged him to the door in the 3200 block of Oakland Avenue. As she tried to throw him out, he allegedly grabbed the woman’s throat. She picked up a tape measure and bonked it against the neighbor’s head three times. He then left.

The woman said she found the neighbor’s black shorts on her DVD player in her living room. She threw them outside at the neighbor, who was sitting on her deck, crying, according to court records. Police reports noted he had been drinking prior to the incident.

Jackson County prosecutors charged the neighbor, Laurence K. Saunders, with burglary, sexual misconduct and two counts of assault. He was in jail today in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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