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Retired Boise police officer gets 25 years for crimes against babies

While Ada County prosecutors say they suspected Stephen Young sexually battered more than a dozen infants or toddlers over the course of 30 years, they were surprised this week when Young sent out an e-mail identifying four additional victims.

So was 4th District Judge Michael Wetherell, who said the new revelation - which came before Young's sentencing hearing - meant that Young's plea agreement for a 10-year prison sentence, with just two years fixed, no longer applied.

Now the 58-year-old Young must serve at least 12Ý years of a prison sentence that will last a quarter of a century.

"My behavior has been so extremely evil ... it is difficult to comprehend," Young told Wetherell Wednesday, as he attempted to apologize for his crimes. "I was given a gift from God ... instead of being a protector, I became an abuser.

"I have shed many tears because of the intense pain I have caused and the lives I have shattered. I wish I had the power to take back the evil I have done."

Wetherell told Young he had no problem with the prosecutor's request for a sentence more than twice as harsh as the original deal, calling Young's crimes "horrible acts against defenseless children."

Prosecutors say Young's victims were all either infants or babies, 21 months of age or younger, and they were all known to him - either as family members or children of friends.

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