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Cold case: Where is Brian Kent Martin?

BILOXI, Miss. — For the past 10 years, Robyn Martin has kept in constant contact with South Mississippi authorities investigating the disappearance of her son.

She’s made repeated trips to coastal cities over the years, passing out pictures of her missing son, Brian Kent Martin, to anyone she could find.

“I have ridden the streets asking about him, and I’ve gone to bars to see if I could find him,” said Robyn Martin, a Georgia resident. “I think I hit every bar on the (U.S. 90) strip, just about, after this happened and asked people if they knew of him. Nobody ever said anything. The last time I saw him was at his brother’s graduation in May 2000.”

Biloxi police crime-scene investigator Mike Manna is taking another look at the case, which as baffled authorities since Martin’s disappearance at the age of 24.

Martin, Manna believes, is likely dead, the victim of a homicide. Manna is relaunching the investigation to see what leads come up. He’s hoping someone who knew Martin will come forward with information.

“We know there has been no activity on his driver’s license and any other employment history since the time he was reported missing,” Manna said. “We believe him to either be deceased or out of the country, but he’s definitely not the type to join the Foreign Legion. He didn’t have passport, either. We don’t think he left the country at all.”

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