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Bradenton murders still unsolved 30 years later

Maria Dumois still remembers kissing her husband goodbye 30 years ago today.

"He kissed me in the morning — the boys did, too. We kissed whenever we were going somewhere," recalls Dumois, now 73, sitting in her living room in St. Petersburg.

Hours later, Dumois' husband and their two youngest children were dying at Blake Medical Center. All three had been shot in the head.

They were gunned down inside their own car along the causeway, in one of Manatee County’s most notorious cold cases. A witness who chased after their killer was shot and killed. A man driving by with a new camera saw someone emerge from the station wagon, and he snapped the killer walking away from the scene, frame for frame.

The settings on the camera were wrong.

No one — despite the blurred images of the killer, more than 100 suspects questioned, rumors of links to the Mafia investigated — has ever been arrested in the murders. The weapon, a 22-caliber handgun, was never found.

Now, for the first time, investigators have opened most of the murder file in hopes that the information will lead to some new clue. It might be their last chance.

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